Volleyball World TV FAQ

How can I pay for Volleyball World TV?

While we always work on adding additional payment methods we currently accept: - Credit Card - Apple Pay - Google Pay - Paypal

How do I cancel my subscriptions?

Once you cancel your subscription Volleyball World will not take payment on your next payment date. You will be able to use Volleyball TV until that date. You can resubscribe at any time.

How many devices can I access at the same time?

Your Volleyball TV membership allows you to watch up to two streams across supported devices at any one time. You can have multiple login sessions open simultaneously, but only watch up to two videos at once.

What is Volleyball TV?

Volleyball World TV is a digital streaming service giving fans access to thousands of hours of content and live events from around the world. Volleyball TV is available 24/7, 365-days a year and features behind the scenes, exclusive, and original content that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re in the mood for Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, or anything related to Volleyball browse the fight catalog and find out why this is the Home of Volleyball!

How much does Volleyball World TV Cost?

Volleyball World TV is a month to month subscription, but discounted rates are available for 12-month subscriptions. Check https://www.volleyballworld.tv/signup for your pricing! Don't forget to sign up for free to have access to exclusive discounts throughout the year.

In which countries Volleyball World TV is available?

Volleyball World TV is available worldwide. Some available content may vary by location and will change from time to time due to local television broadcast restrictions.

Stay tuned as we unblock more content in your regions.

How do I contact customer support?

Email help@volleyballworld.tv with any issues regarding Volleyball World TV. Please provide a clear description of your concern and a way to get in contact with you, including:
-Name of the program;
-Type of issue (e.g., garbling, captions cut off at certain times or on certain episodes of certain programming;
-Website or application where you viewed the programming
-Approximate time and date that the issue occurred; and
-Your name and contact information including mailing address, email, and phone number

Which events are currently included in Volleyball World TV?

Tired of not knowing where to watch Volleyball? Look no further. VBTV is the ultimate platfrom / destination to watch every single match. Never miss the greatest moments again. Enjoy every live and on-demand of all the best Volleyball Competitions around the world. Stream on all your favorite devices! For now the events with the yearly and monthly pass that are available are: - Volleyball Nations League - FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championships - FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championships 2022 - Lega Pallavolo Serie A - Lega Pallavolo Femminile Serie A

Are the Live matches available only in English?

Depending on the local availabilities certain events will be available with live commentary in multiple languages. Events occuring in Italy are livestreamed with Italian commentary! Stay tuned for more!

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